About the Ottawa Estonian Society (Ottawa Eesti Selts)

This blog is for announcing events, news and posting other information of interest to members and friends of the Ottawa Estonian Society (Ottawa Eesti Selts). The Society has been active in the National Capital area for 70 years, and organizes a variety of activities during the year to foster Estonian heritage and culture, and provide a social setting for our members and friends. Our regular activities usually include: a concert-reception commemorating Estonian National Independence Day in February,  a summer solstice celebration in June, and a traditional Christmas Jõulupuu with Santa Claus.  Other events are organized and publicized throughout the year.  This blog is maintained by Ene Anelin Tikovt who can be reached by email at enet@bell.net


28 Responses to “About the Ottawa Estonian Society (Ottawa Eesti Selts)”

  1. Kristian Korjus Says:

    If possible, I would like to receive emails about any of your activities in the future. Thank you for your consideration.


    Kristian Korjus

  2. Viivi Currie Says:

    I look forward to getting information about the Eesti Selts here in Ottawa.

  3. anja holgersson Says:

    Merry Christmas from Sweden
    To Viivi and her family

  4. anja holgersson Says:

    i mean Viivi Currie

  5. anja holgersson Says:

    Can you help mee with E-mail adress to Viivi Currie

  6. Viivi Currie Says:

    I would like to receive information about the Ottawa Eesti Selts

    • OESociety Says:

      Hello Viivi,
      The Ottawa Estonian Society is not very active at the present time as we do not have a proper executive due to lack of volunteers. I maintain the blog by posting items of interest. We will be getting together to celebrate Estonian Independence Day on February 28th, details will be forthcoming and posted. If you wish for more information or would like to get involved which would be very welcome, please let me know – tikovt@rogers.com.
      Regards, Ene Tikovt

  7. Susan Lamothe Says:

    I am trying to locate Salme Elsie Hutt, or any of her family members. She lived at 113 James Street in the 1950’s (and would have been in her 20’s) and I believe may have been involved in the Estonian community.

    I would appreciate any information that anyone might be able to give me.

  8. Dan Ferland Says:

    Hello. I have a large amount of Estonian items we are looking to liquidate to the proper heritage group. There are many books, records, christmas cards, pictures and artwork from Estonia. Please contact me if you are interested. Thank you. Daniel

  9. wdesloges@legion.ca Says:

    I am an avid knitter and have purchased many pattern books on Estonian mittens. I would like to learn to knit traditional Estonian mittens. Do you know anyone in the Ottawa area who would be interested in teaching me?
    Thank you for your time,
    Wendy Desloges

  10. karl Says:

    I am wondering if there are any plans for a charter flight next summer(2014) for Laulupidu or if anyone has any information regarding the same type of thing being organized in Toronto or Montreal. Thank you..Karl Indrek Brambat

  11. Valerie Hesse Says:


    My name is Valerie Hesse, with the Canadian Film Institute, a non-profit based in Ottawa. We would like to invite you into our celebration of European cinema, at our 30th European Union Film Festival. The EUFF is an annual showcase of the best of European cinema. We believe that THE FENCER, produced in ESTONIA, would appeal to your community. The story begins in 1953, when the Soviet Russian secret police has forced numerous Estonian resisters into hiding, including Endel Nelis, who flees Leningrad and heads to the remote town of Haapsalu. It’s showing at the ByTowne Cinema on Sunday, Dec. 6th at 6:40PM.

    We would like to expose as many people as possible to the Festival. If you were able to promote this event, I’ve included the Facebook event (https://www.facebook.com/events/552678321557022/) page. This is a great opportunity to unite people with cinema, or expose them to something new.

    Hope to see you at the EUFF!


    Valerie Hesse
    Client Services Coordinator
    Canadian Film Institute

    2 Daly Ave., Suite 120
    Ottawa, ON K1N 6E2
    Tel: 613-232-6727
    Fax: 613-232-6315

  12. Carla Mazowita Says:

    Are you having your annual Latvian Christmas Bazaar this year at the Peace Latvian Lutheran Church? I have looked everywhere for information about it. If you are, when is it? It was a delightful event with wonderful crafts and food.

  13. Mike Richling Says:

    Tere. My mother would like to know the name of the presiding pastor at the Christmas service 2015. We know he is from Toronto, but that’s all.

    • OESociety Says:

      The name of the pastor is Kalle Kadakas. He is from the

  14. Isabelle Grzegorzko Says:

    Hello, I am seeking contact info to the president/chair/ or director of the Ottawa Estonian Society please

  15. graytides Says:

    Tere! I’m 24 years old, born in Tallinn and have been living in Ottawa since 2002.I would love to get involved in the Estonian community. I don’t speak much Estonian anymore, but would make my best efforts 🙂 I know we’re a lot smaller than in Toronto, however is there any volunteer work that you could use/other ways to help maintain the Ottawa Estonian Community?

    Thank you!

  16. Jaan Pedjase Says:

    Hello. I was wo.dering if there was any place in Ottawa to buy Veri Vorst?

    • OESociety Says:

      Unfortunately this year no veri vorstid were made for sale as in previous years by the OES. We may have some again next year. Some of the European delis in town sometimes have Polish blood sausage where the spices are a little different but they can substitute in a pinch.

  17. Karl Indrek Brambat Says:

    Call the Polish Deli on Richmond Road. I know they used to carry them there..Indrek Brambat

  18. Mario Oimet Says:

    Hello Estonian Society

    Me and my family moved here to Gatineau recently, just 5 weeks ago. I am a “dually”, as I immigrated to Canada from Estonia back in February, 2012. All this time we lived in Winnipeg MB and my wife got a deployment position here in Ottawa.

    We had a pleasure to attend to Black Ribbon Day event last Wednesday (September 5) and would like to keep in contact as we really don’t know anybody around here in the “East”. Please subscribe my email to your events list as well, much appreciated.

    Mario, Leslie and Xander

    • OESociety Says:

      Good to hear from you.
      Our community is always pleased to welcome new people.
      Please send me your email address and I will be happy to add you to our email list that we use for communication.
      Regards, Ene

  19. Mario Oimet Says:

    Hello Again Mrs. Ene.

    Is there any other e-mail I could forward my email to, as the given one (enet@…) keeps failing to send

    Thank You

  20. OESociety Says:

    An alternate email is

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