Calendar of upcoming events for 2008

March 2nd,  7pm. Library and Archives Canada auditorium. The Baltic Film Festival. Estonia will be represented by the film “Sügisball” (2007) – won the Orrizonti award at the Venice International Film Festival for new trends in cinema for full-length films.

31. mai – Talgud Lättemäel koos MESiga May 31th – Clean-up at Lättemäe (Dalesville, Quebec) with the Montreal Estonian Society  in preparation for St. John’s Day 
21. juuni
 – Jaanipäev Lättemäel June 21st – St. John’s Day (Midsummer’s Eve) festivities at Lättemäe   


3. juuli – ESTuudio koori kontsert, Tabaret Hall, Ottawa Ülikool  July 3rd – ESTuudio Choir, Tabaret Hall, University of Ottawa
 – Veinituur  September – Wine Tour (location to be determined) 

October – Baltic Octoberfest Party

November – Euroopa Liidu Filmifestival November – European Union Film Festival 

Detsember – Jõulupidu  December – Christmas Church Service and Party

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