Estonian film 24. Nov. 2007 at the EU Film Festival

24. novembril kell 7 pm on Ottawas, 395 Wellington Street, võimalus vaadata eesti filmi, sest parasjagu on käimas 22. Euroopa Liidu filmifestival – vaata ka Tasuta pileteid on võimalik saada Eesti Suursaatkonna kaudu, palun, kontakteeruge kas telefonil 613-789 4222 või e-maili teel   

Everything is going wrong for well-known comedian Jan Uuspõld — his girlfriend throws him out of their apartment, he’s got no job, and he has pumped everyone he knows for money. So when an acquaintance offers him a role in a notable theatre production, Jan is more than happy to take it. There’s just one problem — the theatre is in Tartu, on the other side of the country. With no money, all Jan can do is hitchhike. Will he make it in time? And will he survive all the strange people he’ll meet on his journey? English sub-titles. Directors Andres Maimik, Rain Tolk; Eesti/Estonia 2007; 106 minutes 



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